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In general an Open Water Diver course consists of 3 parts:
Academics, Pool Training and Open Water Sessions

Academics - You can complete them online FREE when you sign up for SSI’s Online Training program, and then attend review sessions at your favorite SSI Dive Center.

Pool Training - you will learn all the skills you will be using in the open water in the safety of a pool.

Open Water Sessions - You will complete at least 4 open water dives and have the chance to experience everything you learned in the pool hands-on. (Open water can be defined as an open body of water such as a lake or the ocean).

After successfully completing the Academics, the Pool and Open Water Sessions you will be certified as SSI Open Water Diver - It's your global license to dive!

How much does it cost?

SSI’s Online Training - the scuba diving academics - online are free!! If you decide to continue your education and want to become a certified diver, you will need to sign up for an SSI Open Water class at your local SSI Dive Center.

The SSI Dive Center you choose will have additional training material (such as a DVD, Total DiveLog, etc.) that you will need to purchase inorder to complete your academics. They will have a variety of class times and course fees available for you to choose from. You can pick what best fits your schedule and pocket book.

How to Have the Best Online Training Experience:

  • IMPORTANT: Have an up to date Internet Browser (Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or Internet Explorer 7.0) with Flash and Javascript enabled
  • Internet Connection (the faster, the better).
  • If you use Internet Security Software, add diveSSI.com to your trusted sites or adapt the sites as per the users manual.
  • Make sure your pop up blockers are turned off for diveSSI.com

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